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Birthdate:Jan 29
Race: Sidhe
Age: Unknown
Era: Tudor- Elizabethan
Mortal Title: Lady Rosamund Scott
Status: Noble

Hair: pale silvery blond hair. – can be changed
Eyes: green -can be changed
Complexion: Alabaster pale

Physical Description: Rhoslyn spent quite a lot of time, in canon, wearing elaborate gowns in the Tudor fashion, because she was a favored maidservant to Queen Mary Tudor of England. She’s very beautiful in her true form, as most sidhe are. She’s pretty in her mortal form, dark haired, brown-eyed; but nothing spectacular.

Personality: Rhoslyn likes children. As in, has maternal tendencies. Her true nature is one that drinks in kindness like a sponge and offers affection, and loyalty in return. She can be kind, or cold, depending on the circumstances, and what face she needs to present. She pretends

Personal History: To prevent too many spoilers, the info posted in this journal will be very basic. Firstly, Rhoslyn has a twin brother by the name of Pasgen, and two half siblings by the names of Denoriel and Aleneil. All these three have hair in varying shades of gold and eyes in varying shades of green. She and her brother were stolen from a Seleighe celebration, and in desperation, their father went after them. He never returned alive. Then their mother, Llanelli, followed her children into exile, because all other retrieval efforts had failed.

Rhoslyn grew up in the Unseleighe Court, taught by indifferent tutors in magic, surrounded by creatures that enjoyed inflicting suffering on others at all times, and having to live up to the demands of their capricious master, Vidal Dhu. Needless to say, she and her twin tend to keep a strong façade up until they are certain they are safe; to make sure that no one who can or will harm them will see their weaknesses.

Rhoslyn was sent to the mortal world and lived there for quite a long time, serving Mary Tudor as bodyguard, and confidant from when she was still a princess up until her death. This course of time is recorded in the ‘Scepter’d Isle’ series.

Capabilities: Rhoslyn Makes things. She and her sibling can cast enchantments, can create clothing and other items for themselves, like most Sidhe can. Unlike most Sidhe, she can craft her own Domain, given enough power to work with. She and her twin can also use elf-shot, and create elaborate illusions around themselves or around other people/things/places. Rhoslyn and her twin both rode with the Wild Hunt, so she has some abilities with shapechanging… and she can turn her fingernails into long, hard claws to rip things apart. She can create ‘changelings’ and other living constructs. She has a minor ability to see the future… this must be augmented by artifacts, to be useful.

She is weak against cold iron and any similar metal, can become addicted to oleander, and will be poisoned by caffeine, as caffeine is a drug to elves.

Other Info: Icons will be hand drawn pencil art, made by the owner of this journal.previous LJ account for the Bar

Rhoslyn is from the Doubled edge series of novels, and is the property of Mercedes Lackey. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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